We are grateful to all the people and organisations that provided input during the preparation of this Report. We would particularly like to thank all members of our expert panel. Their advice, contributions and cumulative years of experience were crucial in highlighting key issues relevant to this reference. Members of the expert panel were Dr Ang Jury, Annabel Markham, Judge Caren Fox, Associate Professor Elisabeth McDonald, Helen Cull QC, John Billington QC, Associate Professor Julia Tolmie, former High Court Judge the Hon Ronald Young and Superintendent Tusha Penny. A list of those who provided submissions on the Issues Paper can be found at Appendix B of this Report.

The lead Commissioner responsible for this reference was the Hon Dr Wayne Mapp. The Hon Douglas White QC and Helen McQueen held warrants as Law Commissioners from 9 February 2016. The legal and policy advisers were Bridget Fenton, Nichola Lambie and Jacob Meagher.